1C:Drive can cover all key processes of small and medium-sized companies. The features of this software are already available by default in the standard system, avoiding the need to purchase additional specific modules and add-ons. Here we will tell you more about all the benefits and functionalities you can find in this ERP system.

Adaptability and customization of 1C:Drive

The 1C:Drive ERP system is highly flexible and customizable, allowing you to automate even complex business processes, which allows you to create support for the uniqueness of your company.
It will help you stand out from the competition in the market with a competitive advantage by managing all your business processes in one place.

Specific/complicated jobs and wizards for customer automation of standard tasks.

Customized production plans that correspond to a specific production stage of the company.

Printing of specific forms

Integration with different DBM systems

Integration with hardware (printers, readers, bar code scanners, handheld terminals, cash registers, etc.)

WMS and CAD systems

High-tech and reliable complete ERP system built on the 1C:Enterprise platform.

Implementation time between 4 to 12 weeks, agile and efficient process.

Possibility to develop your business internationally, with different currencies and 7 languages.

Clarity and optimization of internal processes by managing real and updated information, generating more than 100 preconfigured reports.

Plans and sales method

Axial ERP offers you software based on the specific needs and requirements of your company, we will accompany you throughout the implementation cycle with support up to the post-sales stage.

All you have to do is make a decision! Select the right software option for your business. Choose between purchasing the solution in the cloud or on-premise. You are always free to choose between one or the other if your business requirements or preferences change.

Informes y analítica

Biblioteca con más de 100 informes estandarizados y personalizados

Acceso al manejo de entidades jurídicas múltiples (sucursales)

Gestión de finanzas

Libros, asientos contables y flujo de efectivo

Registro de contabilidad de costos, activos fijos

Soporte de divisas múltiples


Marketing & CRM

Perfilación de clientes

Registro y gestión de oportunidades de negocio

Analíticas de marketing

Funnel de ventas

Gestión de compras

Gestión y ajuste de precios

Emisión de facturas y aplicación de descuentos

Generación y aceptación de RFQ (Solicitud de cotización)

Gestión de ventas

Creación ilimitada de presupuestos

Precios y aplicación de descuentos

Emisión y ajuste de facturas

Cálculo de mejor oferta

Gestión de servicios

Reparación en general y por garantía

Mantenimiento preventivo de bienes

Generación y registro de solicitudes

Gestión de RMA (Autorización de devolución de mercancía)


Generación y sincronización de órdenes de ventas con las órdenes del sitio web

Control de cantidades de productos disponibles en stock

Estimación de tiempo de entrega

Estrategias de precios


Planes de producción y de aprovisionamiento

Gestión de producción

Cálculo y asignación de costes

Cálculo de capacidad de producción

Gestión de subcontratistas

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Public Cloud

  • Up and running quickly
  • Fast, reliable and scalable environment hosted by Amazon Cloud Service
  • Data is stored in our secure multi-tenancy database in the cloud
  • No hardware or IT infrastructure required
  • No software installation or maintenance
  • Easily switch to private cloud or on-premises as your business needs change
  • Subscription fees provide lower upfront costs
  • No system maintenance or backup costs
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Private Cloud

  • Full access to create and customize your solutions
  • Data is stored in your secure cloud database
  • High level of security designed to archive your corporate standards
  • Full control over your Amazon Cloud Service environment
  • Unlimited storage and performance on demand

On Prem

  • Highest level of security
  • Extended customization options and integration with other applications
  • Database is stored locally
  • Software runs on its hardware and is managed in-house
  • No database size or performance limitations


1C:Enterprise is powered by 1C:Enterprise, a flexible and efficient Low Code development platform that provides cloud and/or on-premise solutions for enterprise automation, interconnecting business units. Today, more than 1 million companies benefit from the platform, adding up to more than 5 million users worldwide.

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