Comprehensive corporate performance management solution, where you will be able to consolidate the financial and performance reports needed to manage the budget in all branches of your company.


Accounting and reporting based on IFRS

Transaction and transformation models capable of translating local GAAP-based accounting information into IFRS charts of accounts.

Parallel accounting for up to 15 accounting objects.

Generation of individual and consolidated reports.

Intelligent utilities for faster accounting period closings.

Reconciliation and elimination of intercompany transactions

Reconciliation board for intercompany transactions.

Reconciliation with arbitrary detail and resolution of discrepancies.

Template generator to reconcile and eliminate intercompany transactions, including 5 elimination adjustment options and standard consolidation adjustments.


Forecast indicators using a variety of calculation, consolidation and distribution options, as well as continuous planning and extrapolation methods.

Combination of planning methodologies, with the option of automatic exclusion of intercompany transactions.

Management of the organizational and financial structure of a group.

Application of regulations to the budget process in a group of companies, distribution of responsibilities among participants.

Business analysis

1C:CPM's strategic corporate management functionality includes the Balanced Scorecard concept for visual modeling of strategic objectives, monitoring of dynamics, detailed analysis of KPIs, and recording of initiatives focused on achieving corporate objectives.Among the available analyses, it is worth highlighting the Hypothesis, ABC, Plan-Fact, factorial and intellectual data analysis to identify hidden patterns in large volumes of data.

Investment projects

This subsystem automates the entire life cycle of an investment project, from idea conception to project completion.

Pre-investment appraisal: investment accounting, calculation of financial models, budgeting, permit management, calculation of key performance indicators (NPV, IRR, PRI, IR, etc.).

Creation of the investment program: multi-criteria qualification of alternative projects, generation of an optimal portfolio of investment projects.

Project planning and control: update of the ESD Work Breakdown Structure.

Integration capabilities

1C:CPM is designed to achieve maximum efficiency in multi-system IT scenarios:

Seamless integration with other management and accounting systems on the 1C:Enterprise platform through a direct COM connection.

Universal cross-system processes can use data from external accounting systems as a condition for transferring control to subsequent steps, or modify data received from external systems.


From the conception of the idea to the completion of the project.

With this solution you will be able to generate transparent financial and operational reports between companies and branches, giving you the ability to make decisions based on reliable data in real time.


Whether your company is growing and has new branches, affiliations or subsidiaries, or is expanding into a new territory, 1C:CPM has the ability to flex and adapt to business scenarios, without limiting your ability to make changes easily. Thanks to underlying technologies and algorithms that are constantly being improved, optimized and extended.

1C:CPM seamlessly complements other 1Ci ERP solutions, such as 1C:Drive, creating a transparent IT architecture. It also allows seamless integration with any of the solutions based on the 1C:Enterprise platform.

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End-user approach

This powerful tool is the best option to boost the planning and control of a group of companies, thanks to automatic reporting, development and use of corporate financial templates.

CPM Corporate Performance Management System for reporting, budgeting and business analysis.

Integrated financial management system in a management company or unified service center for holding companies.


1C:CPM is powered by1C:CPM. technology, a flexible and efficient Low Code development platform, which provides cloud and/or on-premise solutions for business automation, interconnecting business units. Today, more than 1 million companies benefit from the platform, totaling more than 5 million users worldwide.

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