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1Ci is the leading software developer in Eastern Europe, providing business digitalization solutions to more than 1.5 million dcompanies and accounts with around  7K partner companies offering more than 1500 applications and solutions.
In Axial ERP you can find different software solutions thanks to 1Ci’s technology.


ERP solution for the management and control of business processes.


Powerful and flexible ERP solution for large enterprises


Corporate accounting performance management solution.

1C:Document Management

Enterprise content management software


ERP solution for the management and control of business processes. Aimed at small and medium-sized companies that seek to accelerate the growth of their growth of their company, manage their sales processes, services, production and others, services, production, and others. 

Single system for the complete management of purchase orders

Unified information panel to facilitate data collection and decision making.

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Powerful and flexible ERP solution, aimed at large companies seeking to lead the market to which they belong and face the challenges of today’s economy.

Production management and optimization planning

Sales and financial management

Human Resources and payroll

IFRS compliance


1C:CPM is a corporate performance management solution. It will work for you to automate your company’s accounting, planning and performance control processes. With this solution you will be able to perform:

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Planning, monitoring and analysis of your business

IFRS compliance

Consolidation, accounting and budgeting

Master data management

1C:Document Management

1C:Document Management is an enterprise content management software where you can create where you can create documents according to your company’s standards using forms and templates that contain all the necessary details. You will also be able to send documents for support, approval, review, and implementation ensuring that each step is completed properly and on time.

Manage electronic document

Supervise general tasks and subcategories.

Optimize management processes