1C:Document Management

1C:Document Management

1C:Document Management is an enterprise content or document management system, in which you can automate, control and organize storage and shared access to documents and files, optimize business processes and project activities, as well as manage centralized structured and unstructured corporate information.

Why an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System?

ECM systems are the best alternative to increase your company’s productivity. They will allow you, among many other benefits, to optimize resources, streamline business processes, guarantee information integrity, eliminate bottlenecks, reduce costs and time, all from a single tool.

Why an Enterprise Content
Management System (ECM)?

Document management

  • Systematized storage, administration and registration of incoming, outgoing and internal company documentation in electronic format.
  • Formation of documents based on templates with automatic data entry.
  • Systematization of documents by types, folders and categories.
  • Customer information management.

Workflow management

  • Processes of assigning and performing tasks.
    Work and management discipline control.
  • Administration of internal daily work reports.
  • Processes for approval of bids, minutes of work and contracting proposals.
  • Tools for teamwork on tasks.
  • Scheduling of meetings and synchronization with team calendars.

Project management

You will have access to the complete lifecycle management of any type of project. You will find tools for:

  • Project planning, staff allocation and implementation timelines, role hierarchies and linking tasks as predecessors.
  • Managing project work items such as tasks and their progress, implementation and completion status and Gantt chart.
  • Project progress control such as reminders, deadlines, milestones and analysis of project progress based on the reporting system.

Business process automation

  • A business process is a sequence of actions for the company’s employees.
  • The automation of business processes organize the operation and significantly accelerate the workflow of the company.
  • It can: Approve, perform, validate, review, revise, record, execute and create your own types of processes.
  • At each step of the process, the system will generate the tasks, making the processes transparent to the participants.
  • Electronic digital signature to encrypt and sign documents in an agile and updated way.
  • Document flow according to pre-established routes.


Use this solution to easily create contracts and supporting or related documentation using templates and linked documents. Here you can:

  • Oversee the approval, signing and implementation of contracts.
  • Monitor how contract obligations are fulfilled and track availability of supporting documents.
  • Obtain full support from the tool for core processes related to contract preparation and approval, confirmation of the return of submitted copies, management of supporting documents, contract duration tracking, implementation, and termination control.
  • Applicable changes will be entered automatically.
  • The software will extend contracts when necessary, and will have the option to track the transfer of the document to the counterparty for signature.

Management of electronic offices

In addition to the modules that directly address the needs of document management, project management and process management, 1C:Document Management software also has utilities for effective e-office management. Such as:

  • E-mail management.
    Reservation of meeting rooms.
  • Vehicle management and commercial vehicle reservation functions.
  • Calendar management.
  • Internal discussion and communication option.
  • Staff absence record.
  • Notification of tasks via e-mail, SMS, Pop-up.


  1. Functionalities for the efficient management of work with contractual documents.
  2. Document management, according to the organization’s corporate standards.
  3. Efficient management of typical and unique processes of the organization.
  4. Work with e-mail directly in the system without switching to other programs and interfaces, if required you can use several mailboxes.
  5. Accounting and scheduling of each employee’s work time.
  6. Internal and external collaboration tools, and scheduling of events, meetings and forums.
  7. Project accounting, planning, monitoring and control of project execution.
  8. Access from different devices, such as the free mobile client.


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Adaptable to all business models and structures

Solución versátil, apta para todas las industrias y empresas de cualquier tamaño o modelo de negocio.
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Resource optimization

Ahorro de tiempo, papelería, recurso humano y gestión de la documentación física
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Can be integrated with any solution

Perfecta integración con otras soluciones 1C y 9 mecanismos adicionales (servicios web, RESTful API, HTTP, com, fuentes de datos externas, XML, Email, FTP, intercambio de datos)

1C: Enterprise.

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